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New Developments

We are always looking to develop and new products, here you will be able to learn more about them. If you are apart of the Concours Club you will be able to try most before they are even released! 


Concours NOVA TYRE

NOVA TYRE is a tyre coating that is infused with similar ingredients in the NOVA Range, it’s not like your typical ‘tyre dressing’. NOVA TYRE is infused with similar ingredients in the NOVA coating range, it creates an ultra-hydrophobic surface keeping the tyres cleaner for longer & deeply penetrates the pores of the rubber creating a stronger bond increasing the durability of the product. It creates a satin natural finish, that isn’t overly glossy and will not sling. The coating will last on average 1 month, slightly shorter on a daily driver driven in a wet season, a lot longer on a weekend car or garage queen.

Development 85%

Estimated Release - July


Concours Precision is an ultra-diminishing cutting compound. This brilliant water based, silicone free, versatile compound can remove major defects, swirls and scratches (P1500) while minimising hazing. The compound finishes down to a high gloss on harder paints even when using a cutting style foam pad. On softer paints, using this on an intermediate style pad can produce sufficient cut while still finishing down exceptionally well. The compound has a long working time that can be utilized to produce a greater finish in the one step.

This new generation compound is very different to what is currently on the market.

Development 100%

On sale - Early May 2016


Concours CLARITY is a powerful oil & residue remover that ensures that the surface is completely clean of any wash, polish, APC & clay lubricant residue. It’s fast acting formulation allows the product to work quickly, cleaning the surface & evaporating after a few swipes of a cloth. This is an important step before applying any wax, sealant or coating as if the surface isn’t completely free of all residue, you might not see the full expected durability of the products.

It works well during the polishing stage as an inspection spray, helping you to remove all the polishing residue easier, while allowing you to visually access that there are no polishing oils filling in paint defects. It will reveal the true state of the paintwork and leave you with no surprises later on if in fact there were oils sticking to the surface.

It is also exceptional at cleaning glass, leaving no streaks behind when coupled with the right microfiber cloth. We recommend using the Concours Heavy Weather Cloth, as it is impossible for it to lint and it can absorb so much of the product being 720 GSM in weight.

Development 100%

On sale – Early May 2016

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