One layer. Zero compromise.

Intense clear coat defense, without the complication

Installing a ceramic coating has often been an endeavor left to professionals, with complex directions and time-consuming layering required to achieve the desired result; durable protection and intense gloss.

Nova EVO shatters conventional surface protection norms by introducing professional-level results to a simple installation process which can be completed anywhere from a home garage to a professional studio with consistent & brilliant results.

There's no need for additional 'top layer' solutions, multiple applications or infrared curing; simply prepare, apply, and drive with the confidence of at least three years of real-world durability.

Because you don't simply store your vehicle in a laboratory

You're here because like us, you carry a deep appreciation for the synergy between man & machine. The sights, sounds and sensations of driving are embedded in your DNA.

Put simply - your car isn't a garage queen.

Most coatings are durability tested in a laboratory - free of scorching summer heat, shielded from harsh UV exposure, and void of frigid winters that see salt, brine and sand putting intense demand on your coating's protective layer.

EVO was engineered and tested in the arid environment of Australia, where multiple seasons are often compacted into a 24-hour marathon of conditions that require potent protection from UV exposure, pollen, water spots, slush & snow, and sand covered roadways.

What does all of this mean?

Confidence that your paint & trim are protected from truly harsh elements for at least 3 years, without the need for re-application or constant intervention.

"A beautiful user experience matched to fantastic looks, behavior & performance."

Car Craft Auto Detailing - YouTube

Infuse your paint with the brilliance of diamonds - literally

Nova EVO combines the properties of diamond powder and silicon dioxide into a powerful blend of protection.

Not a chemist? No worries.

Put simply, the formulation of EVO results in formidable hardness, resistance to fine scratches or toweling marks, relentless water shedding and brilliant reflectiveness - much like an uncut diamond.

Nova EVO on YouTube

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