Transform your throttle pedal into a dryer.

H2Out of this world

Jet isn't simply a spray sealant.

A potent blend of SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and other structural surface agents, Nova Jet is designed to accomplish two primary objectives:

Evacuate water & contaminants from the surface and resist chemical degradation.

Put simply, Jet is designed to make your post-wash drying process effortless by combining both water beading and sheeting. Jet will also aid in preventing water spots from rain by refusing to allow excess water to remain on your moving vehicle.

Jet also maintains an incredibly high threshold of chemical resistance. All purpose cleaner, tar remover, water spot remover, road salt, and other acidic/alkaline agents are simply shrugged away meaning every application is here to stay for at least 4 months of stunning water beading and sheeting performance.

The best part - all of these properties are accessible in minutes via a straightforward spray & wipe application process.

Side effects of extreme hydrophobia include: Persistent reflection

Once you've employed nature's dryer (Jet + speed + air), all that remains on your clear coat is a sharp, brilliant reflection.

Rivaling most dual-layer ceramic coatings, Jet's formulation cures to a unique sharpness that leaves both lighter & darker paint hues with stunning visual effects.

"The hydrophobic properties of Nova Jet are nuts."

Pan the Organizer - YouTube

With Jet, less is more - much more

Nova Jet requires only 25ml of product per application, meaning the smallest size lasts approximately 10 applications. With a durability of at least 4 months, the math is straightforward:

That amounts to at least 40 months worth of protection - or 3 years & 4 months per bottle, a greater lifespan than many ceramic coatings.

Choose the liter size, and you'll have enough product for approximately 40 applications/vehicles or a stunning 160 months worth of enduring protection.

If we lost you with the mathematics - the conclusion is that Jet provides a nearly unmatched value in the automotive care industry.


Nova Jet on YouTube

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