Profound gloss & protection in sprayable form.

It's all in the name

What's in the bottle? Lustrous results.

Nova Lustre is a distinct formula of SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and a measure of resins often found in paint protection film and other reinforced polymer composites.

This allows Lustre to function in ways that most sprayable car care solutions cannot - much like paint protection film when subjected to heat - it will act as a filler for minor clear coat defects and toweling marks. Lustre often creates the illusion that a clear coated surface has been subjected to light polishing, without requiring any polishing whatsoever.

Rare in form and efficient in function, Lustre combines the surface behavior of a coating with the depth, saturation and reflectivity of carnauba-type waxes.

With at least 6 months of durability, Nova Lustre is there to stay while you enjoy your car as it's meant to be enjoyed - without stressing over its appearance.


For those who adore the aesthetic of wax - but not the involvement

For years, most coating-type products have struggled to emulate the natural beauty of waxed surfaces.

When we set out to engineer the formula that eventually became Nova Lustre, we benchmarked some of the finest wax formulations available for Lustre's aesthetic impact.

As you'll discover below, we believe we succeeded.

In a stunningly easy to use format, Lustre delivers gloss, depth, clarity and reflections rivaling even the rarest wax formulations.

Unlike many waxes, Lustre couldn't be simpler to apply. Spray it on the surface or a towel, and simply wipe it away. With a great resistance to streaking or smearing, application is completely stress free.

"I've yet to try any wax, sealant or spray coating that can match Lustre's abilities."

Car Craft Auto Detailing - YouTube

Objectively brilliant

In a recent test of its abilities, the abundantly talented Brian Spitler of Apex Detailing put Lustre through its paces.

Within Brian's testing regimen is a gloss meter measurement (which measures light reflected from the surface subjected to measurement).

Lustre's score? 100.0.

Not long after scoring perfectly in the gloss meter measurement, Lustre proceeds to survive a solvent bath - one of the harshest chemicals coatings can be subjected to.

See for yourself in Brian's video.


Nova Lustre on YouTube

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