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Clarity | Streak-Free Panel Wipe

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A versatile streak-free cleaner that easily removes polishing oils and residue from all automotive surfaces. 
About Clarity

Through the use of CLARITY, you will be able to rid the surface of any polishing oils, or any other form of residue and ensure that the surface is completely clean. This is ideal before coating a car with a wax, sealant and especially a glass coating. 

CLARITY can also be used as a great glass cleaner, giving the product versatility and a number of uses. 

IPA Mix vs Clarity

The main advantage of Clarity compared to IPA is that it has cleaning additives that are able to help dissolve residue more effectively. Traditional homemade IPA mixes don't have the cleaning power to effectively break down all types of residue effectively. 

  1. Spray Clarity onto the surface and your microfiber cloth. 
  2. Wipe in with one side of your microfiber cloth.
  3. Ensure no residue is left wiping again with a dry side. 
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